RAD-x is a leading radiology platform in Germany and Switzerland with a broad range of services in diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine and teleradiology through outpatient centres and partner hospitals.

Sector: Healthy Living

Geography: Germany and Switzerland

Investment Date: June 2024

Partners: Swiss Life Asset Managers

RAD-x is a leading outpatient radiology platform with centres across Germany and Switzerland. The group provides diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine through its own network of outpatient centres as well as through partner hospitals. RAD-x is the leading provider of teleradiology in Germany and operates a leading rheumatology hospital in Bad Kreuznach. Since its foundation in 2016, the group has grown into one of the largest radiology groups across Germany and Switzerland, focused on providing the best possible diagnostics anywhere and anytime.

Thematic Relevance and Investment Thesis

High quality and accessible diagnostic imaging services lie at the heart of one of Vesper’s key investment themes, namely ‘Sustainable and Healthy Living’. By delivering more sophisticated imaging technologies, leveraging on teleradiology services and exploiting the transformational impacts of AI on productivity and accuracy, RAD-x is actively supporting the growing need for advanced diagnostics and treatments of Europe’s aging population. Vesper will help RAD-x in accelerating investments in modern equipment across its network, strengthening its organisation and taking advantage of organic and inorganic growth opportunities in existing and new markets.

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